Playground XYZ Drive By

A responsive and innovative outstream video format for mobile by Playground XYZ.


Supported Sites Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker, POPSUGAR, Business Insider
IO Placement Name 320 x 50
Accepted 3rd Parties Playground XYZ only
Demo View demo here
Dimensions Refer to specs here
Delivery Lead Time 10 working days 
Creative Production Rich Media managed by client or Allure Media (please speak to your Allure Account Manager for  adserving  and production cost)
Creative Template Template can be found here

Creative Behaviour Rules:

  • Loads as a 320x50, when a user scrolls down, the unit seamlessly ‘drive by’ and plays the video.
  • Sound off by default.
  • The Mobile DriveBy is capped is capped to 1 unique user per day for 1 day sponsorship, capped to 1 unique user per week for weekly sponsorship. For run of site placement, the ad is capped depending on campaign duration.
  • Important: 3rd Party Ad Served by Playground XYZ only. All creative to be provided in a servable tag format.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Allure Media does not allow advertising for adult content, tobacco products, or gambling.
  • Ads may not contain adware/spyware, active X, entrance or exit pops, or viruses.
  • Ads may not include vulgarity, hate dismemberment, sexually explicit content, or illegal behaviours and activities.
  • Ads may not have messaging that is designed to mislead users into going to a site that is unrelated to the content of the ad.
  • Ads may not resemble system dialogue boxes or error messages.
  • Ads may not have strobing animation.
  • All ads must be set to open in a new browser window.
  • Allure Media reserves the right to reject or discontinue advertising for a product or service, for any reason.
  • Allure Media reserves the right to make changes or exceptions to the guidelines at any time.
  • Allure Media is a member of the IAB and adheres to IAB standard and guidelines.