Mobile Pull

The Mobile Pull is a HTML5 mobile rich media ad unit that expands when "pulled" by the user from a 320 x 50 ad unit to the full screen of the mobile device. The expanded panel allows a user to interact with and explore a depth of content. 


Supported Sites Business Insider , Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker, WhoWhatWear, Byrdie, MyDomaine
IO Placement Name Mobile Pull
Accepted 3rd Parties Sizmek only
SSL Compliant Tags and trackings must be HTTPS (able to serve via SSLfor the correct template)
Dimensions 320 x 50 px for leave behind
Accepted Backup Image Formats JPG, PNG, GIF
Max File Size for Backup Image 40 KB
Accepted Rich Media Formats HTML5
Max Polite Load / Panel 2.2 MB
Max User Initiated Load / Expansion 10 MB
Accepted Video Formats MP4, OGG, WebM
Max Video Size 10 MB
Video Length Max 30 seconds
Delivery Lead Time 5 working days
Creative Production Rich Media managed by client only

Creative Behaviour Rules:

  • A 320 x 50 banner will prompt a user to click to "pull" the expanded panel, therefore a strong call to action message is encouraged. 
  • Users may interact with the unique content of each panel. Video may be included as an option.
  • A close button must be visible on the top right corner of the expanded panel at all times.
  • No frequency capping required.

Build Guides:

  • Please see Sizmek's demo and build guide here.
  • Please contact Sizmek for further assistance.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Allure Media does not allow advertising for adult content, tobacco products, or gambling.
  • Ads may not contain adware/spyware, active X, entrance or exit pops, or viruses.
  • Ads may not include vulgarity, hate dismemberment, sexually explicit content, or illegal behaviours and activities.
  • Ads may not have messaging that is designed to mislead users into going to a site that is unrelated to the content of the ad.
  • Ads may not resemble system dialogue boxes or error messages.
  • Ads may not have strobing animation.
  • All ads must be set to open in a new browser window.
  • Allure Media reserves the right to reject or discontinue advertising for a product or service, for any reason.
  • Allure Media reserves the right to make changes or exceptions to the guidelines at any time.
  • Allure Media is a member of the IAB and adheres to IAB standard and guidelines.