Allure CEO, Jason Scott: AdNews Interview

“Jason Scott isn’t buying the fast growth and scale argument for media and tech companies. Nor is he taking Allure Media, with bustling internationally licensed sites here, on the programmatic trading wagon. Paul McIntyre talks to the CEO obsessed with quality and smallishness as the antidote to automation and robots.”

“For a bloke who cut his teeth as one of the, dare we say it, early versions of a digital native, Scott is not enamoured with the heaving market stampede around programmatic trading and real-time bidding of advertising. IN fact, he say’s bluntly, you can’t buy any of Allure Media’s sites or audiences without actually talking to an Allure human.

‘The world is full of robots and we actually believe in the other stud, which is a lot more innovation around the execution’, he says, ‘I don’t get so hung up on the numbers because if a story goes viral but the story is in no way additive to anything, I don’t care. And because we’re not in a business that monetises spikes through programmatic I don’t have to care. Right now we don’t participate in any programmatic. I’m an absolute fan of brining efficiency and a level of automation into this market. That is well needed. But if you’re a company our size, or if you take individual sites of our size and look at how an open exchange works, just by default it’s very hard to get an extraction rate out – so for us it doesn’t make a lot of sense to operate in open exchanges. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older but what the world needs is more balance than what is has today and the industry needs a bit more balance. Of course there’s a role for private exchanges, and of course, there’s a role for highly integrated, contextual, idea-driven advertising. And we’ve got a great business that’s growing very nicely in the latter, thanks very much. If you look at our sites there are fewer, bigger, cleaner ads’."

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